Season 3


With the disappearance of Emery, Teegan and Noah are forced to put their lives on hold if only to save themselves form following down the same path as Asher and Emery. Rusty wants a mate but Teegan’s father sends Noah and Julian away with the thoughts of protecting his only daughter.


Asher is finding life without Emery unbearable and the anger he wears as a shield is obvious to everyone. Hurt, pain, and abandonment plague him while he searches for his girlfriend, until they receive a photograph of Emery caged like an animal igniting his rage and his need to bring her home where she belongs.


They have her.

No one knows where she is.

How can they ever find her?

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Being held captive is something Emery Whitechurch never thought would happen to her but it has. Since the first time Emery shifted into a wolf her life has been thrown upside down. Family that she thought loved her, have kept secrets from her, her boyfriend’s mother hates her and now a crazy psycho has kidnapped her.


While being held in captivity Emery is forced to do things she doesn’t want to do. Belaflore is missing but continues to plague Emery with dreams of another life while her body and heart are being tested in the worst of ways.


Finally, Emery meets her captor and learns why she was taken in the first place but the reasons only give her more questions about her family. Fist fights and a forced mating rips Emery’s soul in two but can a secret friendship keep her whole while she fights for her life, knowing her family are not coming for her.

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Since Belaflore’s return, Emery hasn’t been able to get over the dreams and nightmares from her past but time is not on their side when they finally have a chance to escape their captivity. Broken hearted but determined, Emery breaks out of her captivity with revenge on her mind.


After the long journey to safety Emery is finally reunited with her family but she has been through too much to want to see them.


When Asher finally breaks down her defenses he is left with questions and feelings of bitterness that he just can’t ignore. Determined to make Emery his in everyway again he pushes the pain aside to get his girlfriend to see how much he truly loves her. But when the truth of what she did in captivity comes out, her family close ranks and more secrets are brought to the forefront, who exactly was her grandfather and why all the secrets? But when an opportunity presents itself, Emery takes no time in helping Karma seek revenge.


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